Printer’s wet proofs

Proofs? ... by Email?... digital hard copy? ... even a full ‘wet’ proof! Proofs, printer's wet proof – you gotta do them! We don’t know your post code, email and phone number like you do. We don’t really know your product like you do. So please you MUST read them…carefully! Even better let your Mum read them! At Love & Humphries we produce all types of proofs daily. By email, digital hard copy (not attempting to be colour accurate - but not bad), made up hard copy (mock up) and a full wet proof. Email proofs come as standard. Just to make sure we are printing the correct item, even if we’ve printed it before. Digital hard copy? It costs a little but well worth it if you have been spending a lot of time on a booklet or brochure … the final page and layout check, just to make sure that all is as it should be and something on screen has not slipped passed all the proof readers. It is not necessarily colour exact, but it is pretty good. A wet proof is a real proof … actually ‘the right paper and ink’ as it will be when you ‘complete your order’ sort of proof! Wet proofs are printed from your artwork, on our press, on your chosen paper stock, we’ll even put it on to a couple of different papers. Expensive you ask? Well perhaps, but not as expensive as having to reprint because you don’t like the end result. We can moderate the cost too if you have the time! Wet proofs are particularly good for stationery. People respond to good stationery. We have a client who didn’t want to have their letterhead on the same paper as everyone else … but they were a little unsure how their artwork and logo would look on a textured, not quite pure white paper. Time worth spending if you think that your letterhead or business card might be the only tangible item that your client gets to see in terms of printed items.

Did you know… Paper can be made from milk?

Cheesy but good! Paper from trees? Yes …well, most of the time. Well-managed trees give us great ethical, environmentally friendly paper. Good for the planet, good for people. Brilliant for paper! Simple … well there are other things too that can be used in making paper …Milk! yes milk! Who’d have thought it! Cordenons of Italy make Papermilk with 10% milk fibres. Milk protein gathered from the waste of cheese manufacturing goes into making Papermilk … brilliant for luxury packaging, art catalogues, invitations and lot’s more. But it doesn’t smell of cheese!